The Money Zone Strategy Workshop

with Jeff Drake

Profiting with Market BreadthThe Money Zone Strategy Workshop is a master class in strategy design. Jeff Drake, Nirvana Systems Director of Trading Technology, presents the inner workings and application of the Money Zone strategies. But this is more than a Money Zone seminar. Jeff will also show you how to use the powerful tools in the Money Zone Module to enhance any trading strategy.

This workshop provides extensive insight into the design of the new Money Zone systems and strategies. Many new settings have been added to the Money Zone Module 2.0, and Jeff will discuss each setting in detail and show you how these settings are used to find the perfect Money Zone trading setup. The comprehensive knowledge that you will gain from this presentation will allow you to trade these strategies with confidence and precision.

Even though this seminar is focused on the Money Zone components, the education provided here will help you with any and all aspects of strategy development. Jeff will show you a number of the techniques used by Nirvana when creating a strategy.

Never before has Nirvana Systems provided such extensive education as is now available in The Money Zone Strategy Workshop.

The Money Zone Strategy Workshop with Jeff Drake

  • The Perfect Money Zone Signal
  • Which Levels Provide the
    Best Entries
  • Mastering the Money Zone Strategies
  • Trading the Money Zone in Any Timeframe
  • Profitable Trade Management
  • Enhancing Any Strategy with the Money Zone
  • and much more!

TRADE MASTER Series Components


PROFITING IN THE ZONE: Advanced Trading Techniqueswith Frank Ochoa (more »)

TRADING IN THE ZONE: 3-Day Live Trading Webinar (more »)

TRADE MASTER Series for Money Zone 2.0: $495

Includes the two presentations on CD and download links of recorded Trading Webinars.


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