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“Nirvana has the best trading software that I have ever seen since I started learning to trade 4 or 5 years ago, and the University courses are excellent. I look forward to continuing the courses." - Jay W.

“I picked up the O.T.U. material the other day and caught up on the Swing trading videos. It was a great course. Working on the Chart Patterns course, and it’s looking pretty good so far. Everyone at Nirvana has done a great job on the courses and university material. Excellent work!" - Lain B.

“Absolutely brilliant. This is exactly what I needed to understand how to swing trade. Thanks!" - Keith W.

“This is an incredible trading education value." - Bob W.

“Wow. Just sensational. I am just delighted that I made the decision to purchase O.T.U. This is going to be an incredible experience." - Wynn F.

The Three Black Candles Strategy you included with the Swing Course is fantastic! I started playing around with the weekly and daily charts - excellent, excellent signals. Outstanding work." - Matt B.

“Excellent course. Thank you." - Sharon S.

“I am so pleased with O.T.U. I need the educational/instructional component to bring trading skills and the software together to achieve more successful trading. I believe O.T.U. is the answer." - Nick L.

“I want to personally thank you for creating such a splendid new Swing Trading course. I was simply overwhelmed by the quality of the course materials and the obviously intricate detail you have gone into to create a fully integrated swing trading methodology. Please keep up the good work." - Tom H.

“Even though the University is just one week old, it has already exceeded my expectations and just keeps getting better." - Steve R.

“Great class. Excellent written materials." - Tom W.

“I will begin to trade with confidence that I have never felt before. What I have learned so far by just listening to the seminars has already paid for the course and classes haven’t even begun. I am excited about this next year and the potential that it will unlock in all of us!" - David B.


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